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      • Add page numbers into your PPT. People will easy to have Feedback, Q&A by which page.
      • Do not create “Bullets” of sentences by yourself. Use the original “Bullets” function from Word.
      • Ctrl+S saves files at any time, Ctrl+Z restores, Ctrl+Shift+V to format and paste, etc.
      • Don’t press “Enters” to change a page of Word. Use Ctrl + Enter.
      • It is advanced: Learn how to use “Vlookup”.
      • To copy and paste, you must know how to use a text editor to clean out the format; Ctrl+Shift+V.
      • Use correct punctuation in a file. Know how to use of the tab key.
      • Documents should use “Track Changes” and “Show Comments”.
      • File naming is very important for version management.
      • If a document’s content is to be used by a third party, do not give the party a PDF file. Unless you just want to torture him. Word is a right choice. (if you want to print it for the party, a PDF file format will not be messy) .
      • Please use the “Multilevel List” of Word. Don’t change “Hanging Indent” by yourself.
      • The Excel table should be center-aligned.
      • It would be best if you looked at different “Worksheets” of an Excel file. Data may not be only in the worksheet when you open them, it may locate somewhere else.
      • Please check for typos before sending out a file.
      • For typing numbers of amounts, please use commas for thousands, millions and so on. (50000000, no. 50,000,000, yes)
      • Do not mix up with full-width, half-width fonts and punctuation in a document.


      • Understand how to use “BCC”, don’t send a letter and let all recipients know each others’ E-mail (especially for external customers); internally, it sometimes requires all relevant persons of CC to reply to all subsequent recipients.
      • Use the signature file to write to someone for the first time. Please introduce yourself.
      • Don’t change the subject of every reply for the same E-mail.
      • When replying to an E-mail thread, start with the latest reply.
      • Remember to write a subject of a mail / write a subject that is meaningful and searchable.
      • When you receive a mail from “Sent to all”, do not press “Reply All” when replying unless it is extremely necessary.
      • Briefly explain main points in a mail. Don’t just send a blank letter with an attachment.
      • It doesn’t mean an E-mail receiver had read your mail when you sent it.
      • Please do not send a contract back to a third party’s business owner. Find the right contact person.
      • When you want to leave other people’s E-mail through a call, don’t need to ask about “capital” or not. E-mail is not case-sensitive and can be received. When send a mail, please enter a lowercase.
      • Remember to change your E-mail personal information, and don’t put personal nicknames or informal photos on it.
      • There are many customers named Cathy. When using the E-mail address to quickly memorize and type, remember to see which Cathy is the correct one. Otherwise, you will die if a confidential document is sent to a wrong person.
      • Understand how to use “Retrieving mail”.
      • Please do not mail “Dear”, with “Hello” is safer, “Hi” is also safer.
      • Do not overuse “Exclamation”. (!!!!!!!!!!!)
      • When writing E-mail , please don’t just copy and paste the responses of your predecessors or just change your signature. Don’t be a robot.
      • Read full content of a mail, not just a subject only.
      • In a mail, font size and color must be unified.


      • If there is an urgent matter to contact someone, please don’t say “I have sent an e-mail, but that guy did not reply”, “I have called him, and cannot find him”. Don’t be a dreamer. Since it is urgent, try anything you can do to find him.
      • Communicate with customers and supervisors, please send files and important documents through e-mails, not only in “LINE” or “Zalo”.
      • You can get a lot of information by chatting with colleagues from other departments in a tea room for 15 minutes.
      • You can find a corresponding English terminology for most nouns. Don’t invent one by yourself and no one understand what do those mean.
      • If customers upload files by “LINE”, download them first, and the download will not be possible after the deadline.
      • Don’t use LINE or Zalo to upload important documents in public.
      • Send a file first before you want to have a call to explain it.
      • Don’t complain about the company / partner / vendor / customer on the internet. If you need help, you can talk to your supervisor or company directly.
      • When giving contact information, don’t just provide a screenshot. Please type out the digital text.
      • For important matters, call directly; for unimportant issues, you can use E-mail or SMS ( Line or other communication APP ) .
      • You are here to work, not to make friends. Don’t presuppose colleagues as friends.
      • Do not complain about your supervisor, company, colleagues on your Facebook when it is in “Globe” mode.
      • Don’t think that colleagues are stupid than you because others don’t do something you think necessary.
      • Please understand the entire process and background before making suggestions!
      • Make a good relationship with security guard, counter, and cleaning aunt.
      • Please do not split it into several messages and send through “Line” or “Zalo” if you can explain it in one time.
      • Choose small groups carefully. It is safer to join a snack and beverage purchase group first.
      • Don’t just give your supervisor’s phone number to suppliers or customers.
      • Don’t say “I got it” only, say “I got it, what will I do and when will I provide a result”.
      • Don’t just ask, “Are you busy? Are you free?” Tell others what are you want to discuss; others can decide if they are available or now.
      • Don’t just answer, “I cannot do it” when you encounter something, you can say, “I haven’t done it, but I will try it. If I have any questions, can I ask you? “
      • Don’t keep asking seniors about things that can be found online.
      • You should take notes on your work content and progress for further inquiries from your supervisor and customers.
      • Don’t look for your boss, colleagues, or customers during non-working hours, unless it’s about big money.
      • Find out correct job titles of your customers or your supervisors.
      • For company matters, don’t talk on Facebook or IG before your PR team’s announcement.

      Phone Call

      • Whether you support your supervisor or a colleague to answer a phone, please remember to leave the other party’s name, title, purpose and telephone. So that people will know the urgency of the matter and how to respond to it.
      • To transfer a call to supervisor, ask the supervisor if he can answer or not first. Remember mute the call.
      • When answering a call for someone else, don’t say he is in the toilet or what he is doing, just say that he is here this moment. No one wants to know how long your colleague is in the toilet.
      • Answer a call quietly, no one wants to hear what your talk.



      • You have to “CC” your supervisor to let him know what you are doing. It is best to attach data and charts to look professional. (All things must “CC” to your supervisor, even if it is the verbal needs from other teams)
      • On the day of urgent leave, please call your supervisor for applying for this leave, instead of using “Line” or “Zalo” only.
      • Remember, must report those good and bad things to your supervisor regularly. Don’t let your supervisor “surprise”.
      • If you want to visit customers, please remember the job title of your boss.
      • Accompany your supervisor out to have meals with customers. Please be in charge of managing bowls, chopsticks and tea. Please sit in the seat where the dishes are easier to serve. Don’t wait to be served.
      • Take taxi with the supervisor, please sit in the left side of the back seat or the co-pilot seat first, and the premium seat is behind co-pilot one.
      • Newcomers have the right to make suggestions, but supervisor has the right to make decisions. Don’t make your own decisions. Only the supervisor has the final call. You can have your opinions, but if the opinions are not accepted, just follow instructions of the supervisor, because the responsibilities and risks are managed by supervisor.
      • If you encounter a problem, you should say it. If you don’t encounter a problem, you must report when you have done a task..
      • If there is no deadline for tasks assigned by supervisor, and the newcomers did not ask when the deadline is, then they must make it in that day. If they do not complete, they should talk to the supervisor about the progress and difficulties.
      • Know the name of your big boss.
      • Colleagues and supervisors might be very polite, but keep in mind about their criticism.
      • When the supervisor wants you to give information before off-work of toay. Suppose your off work time is six o’clock, don’t be silly and really give it at 17:59 . Are you asking your supervisor to work overtime to help you read the information ?
      • Never start your probation without following SOP.
      • In the beginning, you should highlight about things you don’t know well, and ask someone to check whether it is correct .
      • If errors occur, you should apologize and ask for help. Don’t let everyone clean the mess for you.



      • Log out all communication APP before a meeting, so as not to suddenly pop up a notice in the middle of the meeting on screen.
      • About meeting minutes. If there is a follow up event, the date of deadline must be made by someone with the right to decide it. Don’t let the attendees fool around.
      • Remember to mute Mic if you don’t want to speak in an online meeting .
      • Attend the meeting on time .


      • Invoices and other important documents to send a registered, not ordinary mail; please write the company sent to the company revenue, and marked invoice, do not write directly to the owner name on the envelope XXX income .
      • In the handwritten invoice, first write the amount number, compile it, and then write the header .
      • Head up and edit it in your mobile notebook and business card .
      • Don’t deduct the handling fee for the remittance, because the accountant will not be able to do it. (A better way is to attach a receipt to the E-mail , stating how much the original amount was, and whether the other party has indicated who will pay the handling fee )
      • Please provide the bank name, branch name, account number, and correct account name when requesting remittance .
      • Do not send scan files in the wrong direction .
      • Learn how to use the photocopier and don’t always ask people .
      • Volunteer when ordering KTV .
      • You can press Ctrl+Shift+T to close the webpage accidentally
      • The essential details are as follows:
        • Calculate the quantity of bento (do you need to order more, and order separately for those who arrive in the middle and late stages )
        • Assess special needs (some people eat vegan, some people don’t eat beef, some people are allergic to seafood )
        • Choose a store (can we deliver in the quantity we want, too much or too little may be shot; are you tired of eating? )
        • Telephone contact and deciding the dishes (usually because the delivery company will be asked to deliver it early, so it must be taken into account that the food will definitely be cold, will absorb the noodles of the soup, and the fried food that will appear greasy when cold is not suitable as a meeting lunch )
        • When the lunch is delivered, you must check the amount and whether there is an account receipt! Sort them as soon as you get them to reduce the possibility of getting the wrong lunch (especially when there is a second special requirement )
      • Please confirm whether the amount includes tax for the manufacturer’s quote .
      • Receive the receipts and remember to report within the time limit .
      • Please send a PDF file for the quotation , do not send Excel to the customer with profit calculation formula .


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