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How about sharing your essay here? We build up the largest HR non-profit e-Forum in Taiwan, now we want to share more related information for foreign managers or HR people in Vietnam.

If you could share some articles in this forum, that would be great for readers’ learning.

Topics recommendation:

  • HR strategies

  • HR practices

  • Some special experience in your career

  • Management skill

  • CSR story or achievement in your company or your career

  • How to develop yourself, your team member, or your organization

  • Leadership

  • Business management

Select a topic, raise your proposition, give 3-5 reasons. Each reason may have 200-800 words, please provide your statements with proving numbers or evidence, then add a summary or conclusion. Total in 1500-3000 words.

If it is your first time sending us your article, please provide a brief introduction of yourself within 30-100 words. Your essay will translate into Chinese, publish both Chinese and English, so more readers will enjoy it.

Our readers are from many kinds of industries.

It is a non-profit and HR professional web, and once you have an essay on it, you may get credits and a reputation for your career.

Another important fact is, it will get more views than Linkedin because it is a Non-profit HR forum, the SEO is more robust than articles inside Linkedin or other commercial websites. Plus, if you link your essay to your Linkedin, it also will increase your credits.

We look forward to your articles.

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