Inquire the following five questions to understand the role of HR Head or the operation of HR’s overall department, and the level of connection with corporate strategic planning. This article replaces the “HR Head or an HR department” with “HR” to facilitate a cozy reading.

Question 1:

Who Are Customers of Our Business, and What Are The Corporate Strategies?

Does HR understand who the company’s customers are? The market strategy, competition strategy and development strategy adopted by the company? Who is the company’s customer? This question is easy to answer. The more profound question is, what are the pain points we give our customers? What are the pain points our customers give us, does HR know? Based on the company’s position in the industry, through PEST, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT analysis, short-, medium- and long-term market strategy, what is the corporate competition strategy? Is the development strategy by merger or by acquisition? Is there a plan for a strategic alliance? How to operate? Does HR understand those clearly?

Question 2:

Strategic HR? What is your strategic planning

Knowing the above corporate strategies, can HR propose HR strategies and practices that allow companies to fight together and win? In the strategies and practices proposed, does HR directly or indirectly contribute to the company’s performance? Can HR effectively deal with the pain points that external customers of the corporate highlight?

Question 3:

How to Define, Develop and Keep Critical Talents?

In the strategy, does HR have a comprehensive development plan for the company’s key talents and executives? Does HR achieve a consensus with CEO and the BOD(Board of Directors)? Does HR master the overall and individual status of those critical talents, and can timely adjust countermeasures to ensure that development plan is effectively linked to the “Q1” corporate strategy?

Question 4:

How HR Work with CEO To Make Transformation and Evolution?

Does HR play a critical role in corporate transformation, reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, or corporate culture reconstruction? When enterprises face the challenge of re-engineering, can HR propose effective and executable countermeasures? Are those countermeasures effective and practical, even get an outstanding result?

Question 5:

What Are Your Risk Analysis and Crisis Management Plan?

In each of the above strategic operations, is there a crisis management plan for the possible issues of medium and high risk to ensure that when the incident occurs, the corporate can minimize damage?

HRs, or CEOs can use these five questions to understand the level of how HR jobs connect to corporate strategy. The evaluation of each question seems too simple, in fact, the issues to be dealt with are extensive, and the degree of effort to have a positive result is profound.

HRs and CEOs, these five questions are for your further thinking and planning.

In the future, we will carry out an in-depth sharing of those five questions.

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